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2005 Cut&Paste is born. M1-5, New York City. The live design competition is a sleeper success, with 800 in attendance to watch 8 contestants duke it out for the prize. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. With New York's show of approval, the Digital Design Tournament comes to life.

2006 The Digital Design Tournament takes off on its first national tour. Cut&Paste hits the streets of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, establishing a bolder presence and seeing the demand for what it brings.

2007 Taking a leap, Cut&Paste turns its 4-city national tour into an 11-city international tour, and the Digital Design Tournament draws new crowds in Boston, Portland, Berlin, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, in addition to the now-friendly faces in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA.

2008 Cut&Paste focuses its energies on (another) major expansion of the DDT and reschedules the tournament for early 2009. Tuning up for a huge global tour and gathering resources for good things to come in the future, C&P runs on a year-long adrenaline rush.

2009 The biggest, baddest tournament yet, DDT 2009 shows up with a 16-city roster and a slate of three competitions (2D, 3D, Motion Graphics) per city. Plus new Show&Tell sessions and a globalized Audience Design Contest. And the first-ever Global Championship. The whirlwind ride never ends!




Cut&Paste is a social arena for the discovery, advocacy, and elevation of design.

We recognize that in a competitive marketplace, talent unseen or undeveloped is talent wasted. Such talent need not go to waste. Cut&Paste’s mission is to provide channels of visibility and inspiration for designers, both aspiring and established, to reach their existing audience as well as potential fans. Our targeted goals are to promote the designer’s ability to achieve exposure as an individual; to expand the designer’s range of possibility in attracting professional opportunities; to form and encourage positive interaction within the design community; and to broaden the mainstream perception of design and further its appreciation by sharing and demystifying the creative process.

A world full of inspired people is a better world. Designers discover inspiration in unexpected places, but express it in ways that color and shape the objects and experiences of our everyday lives. How do they do it? At Cut&Paste, we're dedicated to exploring the creative process—pushing, prodding, putting it under the spotlight—and we're endlessly optimistic about the influence that sharing design can have on the world.




After eight years of working in tech marketing, filmmaking, community development, and public speaking, John finally realized what gets him excited is the creative exchange of ideas. Working on Cut&Paste just makes sense.

Operations Manager

Joy loves having an online identity, offline she has been told she suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out.) You can find her rigging solar panels, networking instead of hitting the gym, eating 2 dinners a night, and enough energy left to dance 'til dawn.

Regional Director - North America

Stefanie Liang can't stop, won't stop. She is the art director at Curve magazine, creative director at Hyphen, and a freelance graphic designer. She is also a part time massage therapist and a performer for the Alphabet Rockers, an educational hip hop group for kids. Her favorite shape is the circle.

Competition Director - 2D Design

Designer, Art Director, Freelancer, Human, This, That. Proof that he actually exists : ELEGAL/INDUS3

Competition Director - Motion Design

Justin Cone is the founder and editor of, the leading source for motion graphics and broadcast design inspiration on the web. After finishing his MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design in April, Justin moved to New York City and co-founded Poyo Studios, a multidisciplinary studio and consultancy.